About Me

hi, I'm jaci. (pronounced jay-sea not jackie)

i'm a proud redhead.
i'm very easily amused-i seriously laugh 24/7.
i like simplicity in all forms, and the contents of my hamburgers are:
that's it.
when you see me on the street i'll probably be doing some random dance that i learned in 7th grade,
and i choose to never look back on the "i just discovered eyeliner and mascara" phase of life.

i am completely in love with the art of photography. capturing real moments and true emotion is what i live for. 


  1. your pictures are simply amazing. you are so, so talented! (i'm the same with all forms of simplicity. my burgers are the same.)

    xo, Samantha

  2. Hi Jaci, I have been trying to contact to you with rates and schedule however the contact form keeps freezing on me. Can you please e-mail me at thebowwaz@gmail.com when you get a chance. Thank you!


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